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Why am I running?

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered nearly every aspect of our lives – including how we work, socialize, and educate our children. One of the most challenging parts of the pandemic has been making sure our children continue to receive a quality education. Unfortunately, the pandemic showed us the inequities in the Buffalo Public school system in comparison to private and charter schools. Public school students did not have the same access and opportunities. Many parents did not have the luxury to work from home during the shutdowns. Le’Candice was extremely fortunate to work from home and could be with her five children. During this time, Mrs. Durham had two children in a Buffalo Public School and two children in charter schools.

In her virtual school experience, the Buffalo Public School always had issues; either it was connectivity issues, application, and technical issues, a lack of engagement between students and teachers, or parents having to wait hours to get a school-issued laptop or iPad updated or fixed. Parents were forced to catch cabs and buses to South Park for computer issues, a school not in proximity for many families whose children attend Buffalo Public Schools.

Before the pandemic, there were already significant disparities in the Buffalo Public School system. With Buffalo already being one of the poorest districts in the state, the pandemic has done nothing but set our children back even more. Buffalo Public Schools serves approximately 34,000 students. About 81% of Buffalo school children live in poverty, and many of them have fallen behind, which may increase dropout rates and lead to more people living in poverty.

Le’Candice wants to improve the graduation rates and see a decrease in children dropping out because they do not have the tools and resources they need to be successful. The Board of Education West District needs a change agent to help turn things around for our children and for Buffalo Public Schools. Being a former Buffalo Public School student and having children that attend Buffalo Schools, Le’Candice sees firsthand the areas that need to be improved.

She is ready to be the change she wishes to see.

Le'Candice Durham

Vote November 8, 2022