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What Le'Candice Believes In

My vision as Mayor of the City of Buffalo is to strengthen the relationship between the government and the people we serve. I want constituents to have confidence in their government. While the Mayor’s official office is in City Hall, we will also be in the heart of the city, located at 895 Clinton Street.

One of my many frustrations with the government is that people must follow so many tedious processes to avail themselves of services. When a constituent needs help, I have often extended personal support. A hungry resident could starve before government aid reaches him, or a driver may have to get into a crash before the city fixes broken traffic lights. My vision as Mayor is to strengthen the relationship between the government and the people we serve.

All residents in the City of Buffalo are entitled to safe and healthy communities. When I am elected, my administration team will get back to the basics and return to a reinforcement of simple living. Voting for Le'Candice Durham will help ensure a positive quality of life for all Buffalo residents.

Accessibility to City Hall- My administration will make Buffalo City Hall more accessible to all residents, notably seniors, the disabled, and veterans. Initially, this will mean having enough staff employed to answer the phones. City Hall staff will be held accountable and held to a higher standard. Under my administration, we will explore many new ways to communicate and get important information to all residents.

Block Clubs- The Board of Block Clubs will be engaged and supported in offering grants to Block Clubs who seek assistance to better their neighborhoods. We will encourage residents and youth to get more involved in their neighborhood Block Clubs.

Buffalo Fire Department- My administration will connect with Local 282 to stop the closing of neighborhood firehouses; we will also update firehouses through national and state grant programs as they are awarded.

City Employees- We are committed to wellness, and we will work with all Unions to provide city employees with one mental health day each month. Under my administration, we will also create a more diverse workplace since Buffalo has become one of the top places for refugee settlement in America.

City Finances- My administration will be confronting and resolving the fiscal difficulties that the city is facing. We will work with the County, State, and Federal Governments to make sure Buffalo is not left out of any future funding.

City Hall Employees- My administration will work closely with AFCME 650, Local Union 264, to ensure that when staff drive to work, they will pay reasonable parking fees. We will work with NFTA to offer discounted bus passes for City Hall staff. This would encourage staff to let Metro do the driving for them; doing this will also help improve our city's air quality as we have seen with less traffic during the pandemic. Additionally, we will create a staff lounge in City Hall, where employees can go on breaks, lunch, and for mental relaxation.

Crime- My administration will be tough on crime while also being respectful toward suspects.

• We will have bright lighting placed in high crime areas and near bus and rail stations to deter crime.

• My administration will work with City Court judges on bringing back programs such as Youth Court, which provides youth with the experience of being judged and sentenced by their peers.

• My administration will seek out closer partnerships with Erie County Probation and Erie County Parole to ensure ex-offenders are not just thrown into the streets but supported in their transition and provided with mentors and advocates as they reacclimate to live outside of lock-up.

• We will work closely with the Board of Education and Buffalo Police to bring back programs such as D.A.R.E.

• We will work with non-profit organizations such as the Buffalo Peacemakers, little league football teams, and other essential organizations to stop violence and crime in our communities.

East Side of Buffalo- My administration will focus much-devoted attention on the City of Buffalo’s Eastside. The hurdles for residents on the Eastside of Buffalo are much more significant than any other part of the city. High crime, poverty, and drugs are increasingly taking over. We will call this the Eastside Catch Up Project.

Education- We will support and challenge the Board of Education and Say Yes to offer Trade Classes or programs like B.V.T.C., a program provided in the 1990s to B.P.S. Children. Le'Candice would also like to collaborate with both the Board of Education. and Say Yes to get Drivers' Education into schools. We advocate for meaningful and impactful change for our city students.

Emergency Mobile Response Team- My administration will create a Mobile Response team with highly trained individuals that will be dispatched to nonviolent calls, where someone may be having a mental or behavioral health issue. These highly trained individuals will respond to the needs of the community 24/7. We will hire social workers to issue referrals to residents who need emergency food services, youth and family support, housing, and drug rehabilitation services.

Employment-My administration will create jobs in Buffalo to keep more money in the city. We will work with contractors and developers to hire experienced City of Buffalo Residents.

Homelessness- We care deeply about the city's homeless residents. We will empower residents, churches, neighbors, and other non-profits to consistently reach out through clothing and hot food giveaways, conversation, and encouragement, also referring to Emergency Mobile Response Teams when appropriate.

Housing- My administration will promote the importance of affordable home- ownership programs to low-income families and first-time home buyers. We will work with contractors, not-for-Profits, and vendors to build new homes on city vacant land.

• We will partner with the B.M.H.A. (Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority) to ensure all residents' apartments are up to code, updated, and safe.

• We will work closely with the City of Buffalo Permits and Inspections department to monitor tenants' living conditions after filing a health or safety complaint on their landlord. We will also go after slumlords who leave their property to rot.

• My administration will tirelessly move to put an end to housing segregation in Buffalo. This will open the doors for residents to live in neighborhoods that may have previously been out of reach due to discrimination.

Illegal Dumping – My administration will go after illegal dumpers. Dumping is a big problem on the City of Buffalo's Eastside and other parts of the city. Fencing and cameras will be installed where they are needed to catch dumpers in their act.

Immigration and Refugee Assistance- My administration and I will build a relationship with resettlement agencies to ensure newly arrived refugees are welcomed and are assisted with all city services.

Infrastructure- We will improve the city's necessary infrastructure and take great care of city roadways, sewage, telecommunications, and water. We will invest in brighter lighting on the city expressways.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming- Speed humps will be installed and put in neighborhoods with multiple speeding complaints. Our administration will re-evaluate areas that may require stop signs, traffic signals, or speed bumps. Additionally, we will ensure bike lanes are placed on significant street ways. We will also ensure the provision of signage in areas where blind, deaf, or autistic children and/or adults reside.

Parks- We will engage with the parks department to ensure parks are cleaned and maintained regularly during the peak seasons. All city parks will be updated to accommodate all ages and people with disabilities.

Policing- We will work closely with the Buffalo Police Department, the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, the Teamsters Local Union 264, and AFSCME Local Union 650 to balance the police budget. My administration will make sure funds are going to the right areas currently lacking, such as adequate training and regular mental health evaluations for police officers, report technicians, and cellblock attendants. We will monitor unexcused overtime, cut overtime where necessary, and offer overtime by seniority where needed.

• We will work with vendors and contractors to update the City of Buffalo Lock-Up or find a new, suitable location that will meet both the employees' and detainees' safety needs. We will also have a registered nurse on duty at the cellblock 24/7.

• Cariol's Law (Duty to Intervene Law) will be enforced with police officers and cell block attendants. Our administration will work closely with Internal Affairs, Local Union 264, and the Police Benevolent Association regarding detainees' complaints against police officers and cell block attendants. All complaints will be appropriately handled, and there will be a constant follow-up.

• My administration will have all police officers return to regular uniform, including the showing of police name tags, including first name and last name. We will work closely with law enforcement and the courts to prosecute anyone who threatens, harasses, or stalks a police officer. We will partner with the Police Benevolent Association to have all police officers on an every three month rotation of Districts.

Sanitation- We will work closely with the Public Works Department to ensure that we hire enough qualified sanitation crew who are well-trained and equipped to remove debris from residents' homes and vacant properties.

Vacant Lots-We will focus our attention on city-owned property and vacant lots. A majority of vacant lots are on the city's Eastside. The city will take full responsibility for maintaining the properties, including keeping the grass cut, promoting green space and removing debris. The city will also be responsible for snow removal from sidewalks in front of city-owned property.