About Le'Candice

Who is Le'Candice

Le’Candice Durham was born and raised in Buffalo and is a product of the Buffalo Public Schools system. A graduate of Bennett Highschool, Mrs. Durham earned her regents diploma in 2004. Le’Candice was the senior class president in high school and participated in extracurricular clubs and sports programs such as bowling, soccer, and youth court.

A small business owner, Le’Candice owns Candi EyeZ Fashion Glasses and Accessories and founded two Not for Profits: Poppy Kidz Klub and Durham’s Mobile Thrift Store. Le’Candice and her husband own a home in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city of Buffalo, Riverside. The block club leader on her street, Le’Candice, is heavily invested in her neighborhood and community. Currently employed with the City of Buffalo Division of Citizens Service, Mrs. Durham listens and responds to the daily concerns of Buffalo residents.

Le’Candice Durham is a servant leader. She responds to the community’s needs by hosting clothing giveaways, food giveaways, book bag giveaways, health fairs, and other community events, particularly for children and families. She sees the inequities in the West District in the areas of education, housing, and employment. Le’Candice is ready to take a stand for the West and the entire Buffalo Public School District.

Le’Candice is a 2004 graduate of Bennett High School.

Durham’s Mobile Thrift Store giving back to the community. All items are Free!!

Le’Candice partnered up with Erie County Health and WNY Mobile Overdose Prevention Services to educate residents on the dangers of Opiods.

Le’Candice is providing the community with free Personal Protective Equipment and children's books.

My Mission Statement

Le’Candice wants to improve the graduation rates and see a decrease in children dropping out because they do not have the tools and resources they need to be successful.

My Core Values

The Board of Education West District needs a change agent to help turn things around for our children and for Buffalo Public Schools. Being a former Buffalo Public School student and having children that attend Buffalo Schools, Le’Candice sees firsthand the areas that need to be improved.

My Philosophy

Before the pandemic, there were already significant disparities in the Buffalo Public School system. With Buffalo already being one of the poorest districts in the state, the pandemic has done nothing but set our children back even more. Buffalo Public Schools serves approximately 34,000 students. About 81% of Buffalo school children live in poverty, and many of them have fallen behind, which may increase dropout rates and lead to more people living in poverty.